Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wedding bells

Just got back from a young friend's wedding shower. It was a joyous, fun event. The bride was cute and delighted by every gift. Every pan, serving dish, place setting was graciously welcomed. Even a butter dish deserved great attention. It was sweet and reminded me how it felt to be starting out, how it felt to be setting up a home, a marriage and a future family.

Reminded me how a set of bowls or dishes could make you feel like you were really starting out together building something.

There are many things in our home that we received as shower and wedding gifts. I cook almost daily in a pan that my dad's friend gave us. I frequently use the Pyrex bowls that a co-worker gave us. The flatware in the drawer is from another of my dad's friends. The dish I make cheeseburger pie in for my husband is from our friend Mary G. The candlesticks, the fancy serving platters, the quilt we sleep under (thank you Grandma Pederson) were all gifts.

There are lots more. As I reach for one to use in our daily life it still brings a little thought of the person who was generous enough to give it to us, to help us make a home, a marriage and a family. Almost 14 years later, thank you still.

I remember when we were young and EVERYONE was getting married. Or at least it seemed that way. 

One year, Dean and I attended 9 weddings. I think we were in three wedding parties. That's a lot of bridesmaid dresses, shower gifts, tux rentals, wedding gifts and various functions to attend. We were on the wedding social circuit.

Now that we are old and cranky, not so many weddings. Now we are just grateful when people stay married. Grateful that we are still married.

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