Monday, September 14, 2015

Walking and wheezing

I have not participated in a specific workout since April. That was when Dean woke up with a bulging disc and the inability to sit, lay down, walk, drive, whatever it was he couldn't do it without excruciating pain. It's been a long summer.

Today I thought it was time to get back to the walking. I had been waking a mile or two 3-4 days a week. No Olympic hopeful, but decent enough.

I decided today was the day. Gonna start walking again. Gonna work out. Gonna need to buy smaller clothes soon.

I walked 2.26 miles today. I thought I might die. I didn't because I'm writing this now (thanks for checking).

Thoughts during my walk (mostly in order):

"I should have brought my inhaler."

"It's a little warmer than I expected."

"Thank God my friend couldn't walk today. (Wheeze) This would be embarrassing."

"I hope no one I know drives by."

"Thank God I didn't wear the smidge-too-tight exercise bra. I'm not sure I would be able to breathe (Wheeze)."

"If I make it the top of this hill, I can make it."

"If I make it to the top of this hill, I can roll myself down the next street to my friend's house. She'll find me on the lawn and take me home (Wheeze)(Wheeze)."

"How many steps do I think I have left?"

"Maybe someone will drive by and offer me a ride?"

"Oh Thank God, I can see my house."

"Victory! Wheeze!!"

"Can you lose 20 pounds in sweat?"

I have it from a good authority that a couple hour nap is entirely respectable after a workout.

I'm not going to even try to explain the years it has been since blogging... just gonna act like they never happened.