Saturday, July 02, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's not really a new year for you, but it is for me! I believe the next set of PTA officers is at the bank signing paperwork as I type.

I believe I am free!

It's been two loooooong, exhausting years. I quit blogging, most of my freelancing, and the majority of my Facebook posting in the last two years. The blog and FB posts stopped because too many people started reading into things I posted or I couldn't post the things I wanted to write about that were happening at the time. You can't really post about the hate mail, the teacher who yells at you or the fun administration conversations you have had... Well, you can't post it while you are trying to be PTA president. Maybe it's time to start writing.

Here's my Facebook post that sums it up (but doesn't give you the juicy details):
2 years, 40 meetings to lead, about 100 more to attend,
dozens of events, at least $50,000 in funds directly to
our grade school and I'm tapping out as PTA president...