Monday, November 03, 2008

Neil's list

Neil is writing his list for his birthday party. It's fun to watch. Very few social conventions. No need to invite people he "has to".

He's debating if Mom and Dad get to go ... 

Most of the people on his list are longtime buddies. He's thinking about this year's classmates but he's not sure if he can invite one boy from the red group without inviting them all. Apparently the red group in kindergarten is intimidating.

I go through the list of all the boys in his class (we aren't even pretending that girls are going to be at this Star Wars party). When I get to one boy, Neil comments, "He has a problem with biting and spitting."

He doesn't make the list, but Neil is going to not mention the party to him. "I really don't want him to bite me."

So maybe there are social conventions in kindergarten.

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