Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ladies room hazards

My friend Julie would really like Michelle Pfeiffer to know that it was not her pee on the toilet seat at Nordstrom's last night.

Two friends and I ended up at The Grove last night. We dashed into Nordstrom's for a little potty break (and a serious look at purses that are worth more than the rent on a large condo in Valencia).

We waited in line and poor Julie got the stall formerly occupied by a messy person so she did what any of us would do when you got to go and the bathroom has a long line. She performed a carefully balanced squat and took care of business.

But as she was leaving who should need to go but Michelle Pfeiffer.

"Great. Now Michelle Pfeiffer thinks I pee on the seat..."

It was just that kind of night people.

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