Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick

Jack blew out candle sticks! It was Jack's birthday weekend. We played baseball for hours on Saturday and saw cheetahs run on Sunday. Life is good.

Dear Jack,

You are amazing. I tell you that as often as I can, but I'm not sure you always believe me. You can be serious, shy and a worrier. Sometimes you only see those things. But I want you to always see how smart you are, how kind you are and how much fun you are.

I love to watch you play sports. You love a game, any game. You forget about other things and concentrate on the game. It's amazing to watch you move. You make catches and hit balls or pucks or whatever the game requires with such talent and ability. I can't even fathom these talents, but they come naturally to you. You take it for granted that your body will do all these things with ease. 

I love the quiet smile you get when you make an out that not everyone would make or you hit the ball and it hits the fence (a little higher and it's a home run buddy!). You cheer to yourself, sometimes a little fist pump. All are well-deserved. You should be proud of your skills. I am proud of you. And though I try to take credit for buying you that bat that clearly has made you a great hitter... I know that your talents are yours because YOU work hard and YOU figure out how to do these things.

Watching you pitch in baseball makes me realize how grown up you are getting. You are 9-years-old! I thought kids were still babies at this age. That was before I had kids and found out how truly awe-inspiring they are, how fast they grow and how much they think.

You stand on that pitcher's mound with grace and poise. You are in control. I watch you pitch, striking out batters and controlling the game. You throw a bad pitch or walk a batter and I see you pull yourself together and strike out the next batter. I see a man in the making.

You have long blonde hair right now. I can't believe you keep letting it grow, but you like it. I like it too. I'm glad you are your own person and make this decision on your own. I know you get teased for being a "hippie," but you take it well and continue with what you want. It's a good attribute to know what you want and not to be swayed by others.

Your little brother wants nothing more than to be just like you. It drives you nuts sometimes. But I see you teaching him how to bat, how to play video games. Neil believes he is the "luckiest" to have you as a big brother.

At the Wild Animal Park yesterday, I was watching you standing next to your Dad. You were both standing in the same pose, and then you both hitched up your jeans at the same time. It made me laugh a little. You have a great Dad, and I hope you grow up just like him. You have many of his traits and I am pretty sure you would rather spend time with your Dad than with anyone else in the world. I know he wouldn't want to be anywhere else but with you and Neil.

I have learned a great deal from you my son -- and not just about sports and cheetahs. Thank you.

Lots of love,

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