Monday, May 19, 2008

Cute boys

Neil has a very unusual sense of style. He's very specific about what he wants to wear and when. So with some trepidation, I went through a box of Jack's outgrown clothes figuring I could get at least one or two pieces that Neil would wear and the rest would move on. But I forgot about the "I want to be like my big brother in EVERY WAY" phase that Neil is going through. And Jack totally came through when he said, "I saved these for you." It felt like an act of God.

Neil has inherited a new wardrobe and he couldn't be prouder! This is him dressed up for church. Mom saved lots of money because she bought Jack WAY more clothes than Neil. Jack had 8 pairs of size 6 shorts in great condition. He was a veritable clothes horse. 

I feel a little sneaky because I didn't explain to Neil that some of these clothes look brand new because I couldn't get Jack to wear them. That will be our secret.

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