Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Design without a dime

We spent our money on the wood floors and the tile for the kitchen and bathroom. Now what do we do? We painted. The moulding is up and we are trying to redecorate our "new" space without spending any more money -- mostly because we don't have any more. It's nice to be "green" and reuse and recycle when the money is gone. It still counts, right?

The sideboard in the dining room is falling apart-- moving it just made it worse. Dean keeps saying "I can fix it." But by the fourth or fifth "I can fix it," can it be done?

The goal is to free up some space in our house so we are eliminating the kids' cubbies in the family room (there was a surprising amount of mom and dad crap on the kids' cubbies)... so I'm thinking about moving it into the dining room for storage instead of the sideboard. 

The dining room is remarkably empty right now. We even took the leaves out of the table (turns out we don't need to always have a table that seats 10). It's a nice, just-the-four-of-us kind of table now. Of course, I have to figure out what to do with the leaves (no more storage under the couch on the wood floors) and the extra chairs.

And where do we store all the stuff from the sideboard?

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