Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dining room cubbies

In my (vain) attempt to discourage toys downstairs, I emptied the kids cubbies in the family room. We were storing a lot of toys in there that my kids didn't use. Visiting children thought they were very useful to spread across the entryway but our kids didn't touch them. We were also storing a crap-load of paper, useless paper from school, church, scouts, random notes from people we don't know any more. It was time for this stuff to go (recycled, of course).

The sideboard in the dining room was getting a little rickety so we tried the cubbies in there. I was little worried that it would be too big of a unit in there. But I like it. We have wine, glasses, cookbooks and a pretty piece or two on there. I think we are still maintaining a moderny kind of feel -- that's the goal any way. Modern, lightened up a bit and family friendly.

I filled three empty vases with these green decorator items. I like it, but Dean doesn't like it because, frankly, they are fuzzy green balls. It upsets his interior metrosexual decorator.

Aunt Betty's fish makes an appearance on top too.

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