Friday, May 09, 2008

Blub, blub, blub

My ears still feel as if they are under water. I can hear, but not quite. There are a lot of mumblers in the world. The fun of torturing the kids and making them speak up has worn off. Now what's a sick girl to do? I just keep plugging away on the antibiotics, eating yogurt and hoping for the best.

I consider it a bad mom day when I have to argue with my 5-year-old on the way home from preschool that he may NOT take apart my mother's day gift that he assembled at school. No he may NOT give part of  it to Jack and part of it to Daddy. No he may NOT do whatever he wants with it. Yes mommy is FRUSTRATED. I'm unsure of the etiquette lines. There's a blur there of the mommy who should teach him correct behavior and the mommy who should not have to defend her own lame preschool gift.

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