Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wake up!

Jack is my easy child. He's responsible, well-behaved and naturally cautious. Clearly he is not Neil. No sticking a fork in the electrical socket for this one.  No climbing the outside of the stairs to the top. No finding him in the garage working his way into the rafters.

But still I should pay better attention.

My head is clogged up with a cold (That's my excuse, and I'm sticking with it.) so when Jack asked for some glue this morning I groggily told him where it was. When he asked for a hammer, I did the same thing.

Now if he asked for a saw, I'm sure it would have woke me up.

Well, maybe. I did stumble to my computer to check e-mail and my Google calendar and there was hammering going on behind me, and I didn't even look.

It took awhile for the hammering to sink in. Pound. Pound. Pound.


There was Jack surrounded by wood, glue, nails, hammers and various other items. He was working on his Western Wagon from Cub Scout camp.

"What?" he said as he looked up at me.

What?! Do I start the day by yelling? Or do I walk away?

He did a great job putting it together by himself. We have the nail marks in the dining room table to prove it.

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