Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Always waiting

So our digital phone has been out since the quake yesterday. I'm presently on hold with Time Warner. It's been more than a half hour.

Two things I "love" about the experience:

1. As you work your way through their automated system you get a recorded message, "We are currently experiencing longer than normal wait times. We recommend you call back at a better time." Are they serious? Is this customer service?

2. When you finally get a human, they answer: "This is Ginger. How can I make this a wonderful day?" Well, Ginger, if I hadn't spent the last half hour on hold and if I had a working phone, that would be a start toward "wonderful."

So Ginger goes through the dozen prompts she's been trained to try.

"We show your modem working."

"Yes, but I still don't have a working phone."

"I'll have to transfer you to the third-tier."

Third-tier sounds dangerous. I'm imagining third tier is where water boarding happens.

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