Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Teenagers these days

Jack and Neil went to a friend’s house the other day for a play date. This is a friend that we don’t know super well, but good enough for mom to let them go over alone.

Before going, Neil reminded me that the little boy had big brothers. “Really big brothers...” he said. (The big brothers are 16 and up. Can you imagine what 42 means to Neil?!).

“His big brothers creep me out,” Neil said.

“Creep you out?”

“Yeah. They are creepy Mom.”

I’m trying to remember if they had a Goth phase or something else I was blocking out that would be “creepy” to a 5-year-old. I don’t think so. They are nice young men and look that way.

“What makes them creepy?” I ask.

“Mom,” he says very seriously as his voice drops to a whisper. “They show their underwear...”

Not to him but at the top of their pants. You know the style...

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