Monday, April 14, 2008

Something to stand on

We finally have flooring! Not all the floors are covered, but we have major progress. The dining room, living room and family room have beautiful maple wood floors, stained a lovely medium brown. The rooms are empty and beautiful right now. We just keep dusting the floors.
The dogs are slipping and sliding. At first, Shiloh wouldn't step on it. He didn't know what it was. Cody races through the rooms and ends up sliding until he hits a wall. It's great fun for the whole family!
If we actually get the tile in the kitchen and bathroom, the ENTIRE downstairs will finally have nice flooring. No more concrete, no more damaged old Pergo-like flooring, no more tile that Dean tried to put in ("I don't need spacers.").
Jack almost cried when he realized he couldn't ride his bike or scooter in the house any more (Mom let them life like hooligans before!). Yes, my son, you will have to learn to live like other people do -- no bikes, no scooters, no cleats, maybe no children in the house!

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