Friday, April 25, 2008

Mother's Little Helper

I present to you the IPod -- THE GREATEST BABYSITTER EVER.

My brother (Hi Rod!) gave me an IPod for Christmas. We won't discuss how he bought it in his football team's school color and had "Go Tartans!" inscribed on the back. While I use it (New Yorker and This American Life podcasts), you wouldn't know it by the contents of the video area. There's High School Musical, The Suite Life, Ferdinand the Bull and Jack Jack Attack. I can get through a PTA meeting, a visit to the doctor's office or a long drive home with cranky kids with the magic of the IPod. 

I have to be careful not to use it too much. It's like drugs. If the kids get addicted, Mommy might need more, bigger, better technology to make it through the day.

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