Thursday, April 24, 2008


Jack learned about divorce today (No, I am not announcing the breakup of our marriage on my blog.  Wouldn't Dean be surprised?).
I had a van full of kids, taking them home from school, and Neil asked about two other kids.
"It's their turn with their mom," answered one of their friends.

Mom Alert. We know people who are divorced (Some of my best friends are divorced...). Most are remarried and it doesn't come up. In fact, a relative who is divorced and remarried has destroyed the photos from the first marriage and asked all the relatives to do the same so it won't come up with their children (I'm trying to protect identity here... hopefully I did).

Back in the van, the friend is explaining how these kids can see their mom one weekend but not the next weekend. They move between two homes. And this helpful child is going on about how they forget stuff at one house and can't have it because they have to wait to see their mom, etc.

It didn't register with Neil (or he thought it was a reasonable plan). But Jack's eyes just kept getting wider. Holy crap! Something else for my sensitive son to worry about. I could see Jack's mind working, trying to grasp this new horror that had never occurred to him. Wait a minute! Mom and Dad don't have to be married?

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