Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New paint

New floors mean new paint in the dining room and living room. That's the rule of home improvement: one thing leads to another. Our air conditioner leaking and ruining the Pergo-like floors three years ago led to new cabinets in the kitchen (we didn't want to do new floors if we were going to change the layout of the kitchen eventually), new counters, new sliding glass doors and new windows (still working our way through that one) and new lighting in the kitchen. Now the floors look awesome and the paint looks dingy...

Pity my husband. He's doing the work and I made him buy the Fresh Aire No VOCs paint from Home Depot. I'm praying it goes on well and looks good!

1 comment:

katbaloo said...

my goodness! I'm exhaysted just reading about all that work! Please post some pictures. Next time we're in town, I think we'll stay at your house lol!