Thursday, April 03, 2008

What's more boring than sick kids? A toaster oven

Instead of more talk about my sick kids (back down to one, but the one decided to throw up)... I'm going to talk about my love for my new toaster oven (I'm tired, people. Give me a break.)

As my friend Julie said, "How did you live with out one? Especially with kids."

I agree.

I don't believe I've ever owned a toaster oven before -- not even in college. The regular, two-slices-at-a-time toaster started sending out small sparks, flames if you will, on occasion. I didn't rush out to buy a new one. I just unplugged it when I left the house. At the time, it seemed logical, but now it does seem a bit foolhardy.

The replacement toaster is a toaster oven from heaven (Costco). I've been baking, broiling, warming food to unnatural tempatures, making mini batches of biscuits. It sits all silver shiny on my counter.

How DID I live without this?

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