Thursday, March 13, 2008


I love that I have two boys. They are amazing. They are also boys so amazing takes on new meanings sometimes (It's amazing it never occurred to you NOT to do that.)

But this is about the good kind of amazing and how your heart swells when your quiet, serious, never expressive 8-year-old boy actually acts like he loves you. I know he loves me. I also know it is hard for him to express it. And I LIVE for the moments when he does.

Why do I volunteer every time for team mom? Because he smiles when I do. One smile, there's my payment for the season... Worth it every time.

Yesterday, I was driving four boys to baseball practice. One of the boys was talking about how he was almost late for school that day. He woke up 15 minutes before he had to be there and was rushing around getting ready and yelling at his brother to hurry up. My son listens to this story and asks "Wasn't your mom downstairs making your lunch and getting your backpack together?" The other boy just stared at him. It didn't compute.

Something did compute with my son though. I could see it on his face. He actually realized that I do things for him that matter to him and some kids don't get that kind of help or treatment. My son felt blessed.

This is no judgement of the other boy's mom. So what if she doesn't make her kids' lunches?! I'm just glad I do something for my son that he realizes matters to him. I'm enjoying the moment of appreciation (along with the extra hugs and smiles that have come my way). I have no illusion that it will last.

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