Thursday, March 27, 2008

Green is making me blue

I know. I know. I love Mother Earth, but there are some things on the green scene that need improvement.

I want my regular, ordinary, able-to-dim-and-don't-take-forever-to-warm-up lights back. Yes, we have the CFL lights throughout the house. We are saving tons of energy right and left. But when you turn on the light in my kids' room, it's just a very soft glow until the lights warm up. It's weird. When I turn on the lights in the family room, I have to remind myself it's the CFLs, not my aging eyes.

And the new, nice pendant lights in my work-in-progress kitchen can't really dim. It doesn't work very well. Sometimes they make weird noises. I want my mood lighting...and not the lighting that corresponds with the mood I'm in right now.

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