Friday, March 21, 2008

Selected scenes from my life

I'm enjoying Mighty Girl's trend of making lists -- of things to do, of things to remember. Her latest is scenes she hopes to see when her life flashes before her eyes.

I love the idea and it's making me remember things that might be forgotten. I'm going to work on my list (mentally), but here's my start:

Open-mouthed baby kisses, before they learn any different.

The smell of my sons' as newborns and the warmth of their small bodies snuggled into my neck.

Walking quickly through the cold streets of Prague with a fresh, warm, round loaf of heavy, dark bread for my roommates and I. The bread store only baked on Tuesdays (This was just after the revolution and before Western stores found their way in). I can still feel the warmth through my coat as I rushed home.

Cafe Correttos in a street cafe at the end of a long day in Rome.

Riding bikes through the fog (I don't recommend this. It's not the safest thing, especially after a fair bit of wine. But it did feel awesome!).

Reading love letters from my now-husband when we were 5, 000 miles apart. I remember the day I read "I love you."

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