Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Covering his butt

The 8-year-old is Star of the Week in his class. It's a dubious honor, but he gets to bring family photos and special items to school to share. "Just don't make me take the Batman one, Mom." It's the cutest one! He's about 5 months old and in Batman pajamas his uncle bought him. When I figure out how to post photos, I'll post it.

Apparently, I've made him take it every year and I didn't realize it. But this isn't about Batman pjs, it's about...

Part of Star of the Week is filling out a survey about your likes and dislikes. The 8-year-old likes vanilla/chocolate swirl ice cream from Fosters and he likes basketball, etc. My favorite answer was to the question "I like to wear ..." I'm thinking he'll answer with one of his many sports jerseys. Nope.

"I like to wear .... PANTS."

Good to know. His wife will be so happy when he doesn't lie around the house in his underwear.


Anonymous said...

I love the way your mind and your heart works.. Sometimes in unison!! HAHAHA Thanks for sharing both with me!!
Kisses Jeannine

katbaloo said...

What a fabulous blog! Love the posts- Wish I could write something more intelligible but I am bleary eyed from putting the baby down..... Will definitely keep reading!