Monday, March 24, 2008

An Easter Miracle

Maybe, really good food does bring a family together. I made an Easter feast yesterday for my parents, brothers and us. Usually, I do most, if not all, the cooking, serving and then clean it all up. My family stays the required minutes to be polite and then they are gone.

But this year, as we sat down my father even exclaimed, "This is the most beautiful dinner I've ever seen. The colors and food look great." That's not like my dad. I'm not sure that's like ANYONE'S dad.

My brothers even cleared the table, rinsed dishes and put some in the dishwasher! It's an Easter Miracle!

I suppose I should give credit to the menu planning. I didn't do it. I just copied it from this month's Cooking Light. The food was good and it was beautiful. The Basil-Lime fruit salad was delicious.

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