Monday, February 04, 2008

The dog ate my Bluetooth

Want to know why I finally started blogging? Other than I wanted to have an explanation for why I talk to myself in the car ("I'm just working on my next post..."):

The puppies ate my Bluetooth head piece. That's something to blog about. 

Now, how do I explain that to the husband? I've been complaining about the one I have (a hand-me-down), but I really didn't want the puppies to eat it. I can't even tell which one did it. It was on the center tray between the front seats of the van. It must have been during pickup from school. That sneaky Cody must have nibbled on it while I thought he was laying so peacefully in the seat next to me. I'm telling him he's a good boy the whole time he's gnawing on an earpiece or the foam for the mouthpiece... I found the remains under the seat (along with a shredded gummy snack package -- apparently there was a puppy party going on and I was oblivious).

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