Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Baseball has been very good to me

Baseball season starts soon! We have two players in our house this year. The youngest will play t-ball. It's his very first team sport, and he can hardly contain himself. The oldest is old-hat at this. He is just thrilled to get to play, though he's a little dubious of the fact that his younger brother is going to be sharing the sports spotlight.

The youngest is excited about getting a cup. Yep. He cannot wait to wear an athletic supporter. I'm not sure they are required in t-ball, but they are required for Neil.

On Monday, the oldest was suiting up for his first practice and Neil insisted on suiting up too. I was filling water bottles in the kitchen when I looked into the family room to find a buck-naked 5-year-old holding his cup over his private area. He turned to me with a straight face and asked how it was supposed to stay on... This might be the highlight of the week. Of course, who knows what will happen when t-ball practice actually starts.

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