Thursday, August 07, 2008

Who am I?

So I joined Facebook. It's exciting and addictive. And oh so overwhelming. I've already exchanged e-mails with friends from college (let's not talk about how long that's been) and friends from Prague (slightly less long time ago). It's only been 24 hours. Who knows what will happen by Friday?

It feels like every aspect of your life is out there, waiting to come rushing at you at once. And frankly, there are portions of my life, I need some prep time to revisit! It's one thing to tell stories about yourself. I am an excellent editor. It's another when others get to chime in on the stories. When subjects of stories meet up with subjects of other stories -- it can't be good.

It's just a matter of time before old boyfriends show up at the door. How am I going to explain those choices? I'm nauseous.

That's the thing about blogging, social networking and just the Internet itself. It's all right there in one big melting pot -- no editing, no context, no kidding!

I can see where my Dad slept as a 3-year-old in an internment camp in China. I can see the ship he sailed on when he was in the Navy at 18. Distant relatives of my husband have sent me photos of his grandfather.

When it comes to my personal history, Facebook has brought collegiate memories, Prague friends, and I think I found a cousin (I'm assuming) who I didn't know existed who is living in this same town!

I suppose it's a matter of owning who you are (or owning UP to who you are) -- all of you, not just the right-now you.

It's about remembering all of you. Something mothers don't always do. We are so caught up in kids, homework, sports, and whatever else it takes to get through the day that we forget who we are sometimes. At least I do. And I am all those things you can find out there on the Internet. I might even be much more than just a mom (a label I wear very proudly).

Remind me to tell you about the time I deflected an armed robber. That was a kick-ass me.


nancy said...

You've been friended!

Amy said...

I was just thinking about your armed-robber moment last month ... as we were back in Prague and I was reminded of that conquer-the-world no-fear-of anything headiness.

You put a gun in my face? "Ne!" ...
Or was it a knife?