Saturday, August 30, 2008


I have overloaded on Democratic convention watching, checking many channels' coverage through the wonders of TiVo (yeah, I know it's weird, but the old opinion editor/journalist in me has not completely died) and I have to say, "I hate the media." Old Media and its buffoons are embarrassing. I don't think there was a single commentator on TV who was worth listening too. They bashed one way, then they bashed the next way just to have something to say -- though I'm not sure they were actually listening to themselves.

Are we sure James Carville is a Dem? He was ridiculous (even more so than usual). CNN's lineup on the convention floor plus all the graphic crap on the screen ALL the time was asinine. Do I really need the barometer of noise from the convention floor the entire time CNN is on the air? They even kept that crap on the screen during commercials.

Thankfully, there's been lots of Daily Show and Stephen Colbert skewering politicians and media personalities.

I feel ready for the Republican convention in St. Paul.

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