Monday, August 11, 2008


The summer of technology continues. We had a few peaceful, blissful days, but then ...

When we returned from camping, we discovered a gnarled mass on the living room floor. What was it? Ahhhhh, the remote. Great.

Did you know a new remote from DirecTV is only $15, plus $1.25 in taxes. They won't overnight it and add the charges to your bill... 

Then we found swim trunks chewed on, a blue crayon that had seen better days, some chunks of who-knows-what and various other evidence that my brother, the dog sitter, had been seriously asleep on the job. I believe the cognac bottle in the freezer might be evidence against him.

But that all pales in comparison to turning on the TV (manually of course. Who knew you could still do that?!).... and NOTHING. NADA. ZIP.

The lamp on the TV blew. Exploded by the looks of it when we pulled it out... That's a bit more than the remote. And we'll be doing the repairs ourselves. Can you tell where this is going? We can't. We are actually going to give this a go. I'll let you know when we end up TV shopping.

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