Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Prove that it is Wednesday

We know how difficult it is for kids to grasp the concept of time -- hours, days, weeks, months and then we throw in "later," "in awhile," "tomorrow."

Neil would swap "yesterday" and "tomorrow." He didn't like being corrected so he started just saying the "the other day." "We can go to Disneyland the other day" or "We went to Disneyland the other day." It's useful, leaves everything up to the context. Cuts down on the words you need to know. He's an efficient kid.

Neil is still trying to figure it out. He frequently asks what day it is. He is trying to read the digital clock in the TV. He knows "later" means Mom is NOT in the mood for whatever he wants.

His next baseball game is on Saturday morning. He gets to be first batter this next game so he's pretty excited.

This morning he came downstairs with his baseball gear (including his favorite, his cup). "I'm getting ready for my game, Mom." 

"You don't have a game until Saturday." That wasn't good enough for him. 
"Why isn't today Saturday?"
I go through the days of the week, explaining how many "sleeps" we have before the game.

He's not buying it. Why can't it be Saturday? Prove that it's Wednesday. He didn't really say PROVE that it's Wednesday, but that's what he meant.

And how do you prove that it is Wednesday to a kid who can't read (the newspaper and calendar mean nothing)? A kid who is not buying the whole social norm of Wednesday following Tuesday and coming before Thursday?

Why can't it be Saturday?

And that's when I said:

"Because I said so."

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