Monday, June 16, 2008

Momma wants a nap

If you are keeping track: Jack is out of school. The class party and teacher gift have been handled. Neil's graduate luau is over (and the cupcakes).  Jack's last baseball game was Saturday. Tonight is the team party with 4 coaches' and a manager's gifts. Just need balloons and my job is done there.

That leaves: Neil's teacher's gift, Neil's last day of school tomorrow, followed by his promotion celebration on Weds. Last, but not least, we have Neil's last t-ball game followed by his team party (and the coach gift. Thankfully, I'm only in charge of one!) on Saturday... 

I would say I'm looking forward to the relief of no duties, but then I looked at the calendar.

I think there is a week in August when we are doing nothing... yet.

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