Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hair cut day

This could be a good day, or it could be a bad day. Jack has not had a hair cut since September when we took him to the barber for a "trim" that took several inches off his hair. He cried. I felt like a bad mom. 

So today we are going to a hairdresser who is the mom of one of Neil's preschool classmates. I've been VERY emphatic that she has to only trim it, give it some shape but keep the length. 

I fear I'm being a bad mom again. You know, meddling when I should just leave it alone. But have you seen his hair?! He's a shaggy dog. When he gets up in the morning, I swear a rat has nested in there.

Of course, I didn't tell him what we were doing after school... And it's too late for any of you to warn him!


katbaloo said...

I have to tell you- I was SO worried about Emily's 1st REAL haircut ( we don't talk about mom's butchery attempt last year. I found this woman, a professional hairdresser from NY- who now specializes in kids hair- She has this whole mobile hairsalon van (if u can believe that) decorated like Disney, Nemo and all that- she comes to your house!!!! parks, u get in, and she cuts your kids hair, I had to sit in the chair and Emily on my lap, but it was GREAT- with bubbles and everything! and it's so much cheaper than any other place I found.

JoAnn said...

That sounds awesome, Katie. I remember once with Jack we took him to one of the places at the mall with cars and toys and lights (this was after Mom preformed a hack job and we were leaving the next day to see Dean's mom in Atlanta). Jack freaked out and the hair dresser kept following us around the room with scissors. Dean was holding him and trying to console him because he was crying and screaming and this woman kept trying to shove scissors at his head. It wasn't pretty!

katbaloo said...

We hope it goes well with Jack, tell him we said hello, and please post pics of the new do!