Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Magna cum crayon

Today is Neil's graduation from preschool. He is STOKED! In fact, I can barely contain him. 

Neil has been asking for "black clothes" for the ceremony. We had to buy him a new pair of black shoes (very cool skater shoes with green plaid on the side. Yes, green plaid.) and I wanted to get him a new shirt and pants. He kept insisting on black. And let's just say black for a preschooler at this time of year is hard to come by.

Dean was teasing him about being the man in black -- Johnny Cash. No more late-night "Walk the Line" DVD fests for Neil!

Neil was really concerned that he didn't have black clothes. Then he asked for a black hat. A black hat? What is going on in that head?

"You know Mom. It's black and it goes all the way to the ground and you have a hat with the strings on it..."

OOOOOOOHHHHH! Mom finally gets it. He wants a cap and gown!