Friday, September 19, 2008

Say cheese

Yesterday was picture day at school and it was much too stressful.

9-year-old hippie boy doesn't particularly like hair cuts, combing his hair or picking anything but basketball shorts to wear to school.

5-year-old stubborn one sees the 3-level stand that the kids get on for the class photo and it freaks him out. And we have the same argument about the basketball shorts.

Mom can't find clean shirts without stains (NO MORE OLIVE OIL AND BREAD FOR JACK!) for the children. And she is NOT giving in on the basketball shorts (though when we finally get to school, apparently every other mother did).

So I get Jack to stop combing his hair straight down and plastered tight to the sides of his head. I even get him to wash his face. Dean thankfully had ironed a shirt for him that morning (we don't iron for ourselves, but picture day can get us to iron).

Neil gives in on the shorts (with a bribe) and we wash his face. I get the photo guys to show him the stand and that it is harmless.

Awesome. We are at school. The kids look nice (I can always shower tomorrow) and everyone is finally calm (especially mom).

I forgot the order forms at home...

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Amy said...

The nite before the next picture day, just show the boys your school pix from back in the day. If they're as dorky as mine, they may be more inclined to clean up for the day...