Sunday, January 04, 2009


So a friend on Facebook suggested that instead of resolutions people should pick a word for 2009.  I've been mulling the idea.

What would be my word? No jokes please about my over-use of the word "crap" or how many times I ask, "Seriously?"

I want a real word. Well, they are all real words but I'd like a real good word.

Could I live by a word for a whole year? Could one word cross into all aspects of my life?

Nurture, inquire, learn, listen, scofflaw, hunker (as in hunker down) ... there are lots of good words out there. 

What word would you live by for the next year?

I'm choosing "strong." I like the idea of working on strength -- physical, mental and spiritual strength... There's strength of character, strong convictions, strong-arming ...

It could be a great year. 

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