Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Ice Man Cometh

I've got two boys and two dogs. There are a lot of weird noises in this house. I have a don't ask, don't tell policy. So it took awhile before my brain registered that the ice dispenser on the fridge was running and running and running.

I didn't even look. I just yelled from the family room like any good mother would do.

"Jack! How much ice do you need?!"

I should have looked. I heard the CRASH.


There was ice everywhere. There was ice all over the kitchen floor. It had shot into the dining room. It had landed on the counter. Ice was pouring out of Jack's hands as he desperately tried to catch it all as even more shot out of the refrigerator door.


It was like a frozen machine gun. Ice was flying. The dogs were going beserk (Yippee! Ice treats!) and chasing the pieces as they skittered across the floor. Jack was panicking.

Mom MacGyver kicked in. I quickly worked my way through the ice-machine-made tundra (It was so quick, but I'm pretty sure I did a double flip over the ice, landing perfectly in front of the fridge). I found the boy's water cup jammed into the ice dispenser keeping it open. With my handy mom pocket knife, some string, gum and a paperclip, I freed the cup and stopped the onslaught of ice.

OK. It didn't really take Mom MacGyver, but Jack did manage to wedge a cup into the ice dispenser. He couldn't get it out and he thought he was going to get into trouble for breaking the fridge so he thought he could cover up the mounds of ice being hurled onto the floor. Now, I know I can be a little lax, but really? You thought Mom wouldn't notice?

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